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Laser Hair Removal Side Effects: Is It Safe?

As the weather changes, the need to remove all that unwanted hair surges. The best available option with long-lasting results comes down to laser hair removal, but it all comes back to the same question, yet again, whether laser hair removal has any side effects, or if they should continue with traditional hair removal methods instead.


For someone looking for a permanent solution to remove unwanted hair, the most effective option at present is IPL laser hair removal. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a popular method of laser hair removal using broad spectrum light. It is a very safe, effective, and fast method to remove unwanted hair from target areas.


But many people are not aware of the benefits of IPL and choose laser hair removal treatment over it. No matter how effective the laser hair removal procedure is, the concern remains, whether there are any side effects of laser hair removal or is it risky. To say the least, laser hair removal treatment does have its risks, and in some cases, the procedure can have long-term side effects.


A discussion and knowledge on the side effects of laser hair removal treatment is crucial in determining whether it is the right procedure for you or not.


So, before making up your mind and going for a laser hair removal treatment, know that there are two treatments available, and there is a difference between IPL and laser hair removal technology.


Difference between IPL and Laser Hair Removal

Difference between IPL and Laser Hair Removal RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

Laser hair removal and IPL both are light-based hair removal treatment methods, but they have a significant difference in the type of technology each method uses for the removal of unwanted hair.


Laser hair removal technology uses light at a specific wavelength, appearing as a single beam, targeting at a particular, small, target area. Whereas the IPL technology uses light in a broad spectrum of wavelengths, covering more broad areas on the skin.


Both the methods use light as energy to heat the hair follicles, damaging them enough to prevent hair regrowth. But which method is better?


As the technologies used in the treatment are different for both IPL and laser hair removal, laser treatment is expensive, the treatment time is longer, and maintenance treatment might be required. Whereas IPL hair removal treatment covers broader areas, the procedure is faster, it is affordable and is safe enough to be used at-home for lasting results.


Now that you know that IPL is an affordable, safe, and effective way to remove hair with long-lasting results. It should be the treatment of choice; however, if you’re still unsure, let’s talk about the possible risks of laser hair removal.


Risks of Laser Hair Removal

Risks of Laser Hair Removal RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

Laser hair removal treatments are carried out by certified and trained professionals who ensure the safety of their clients throughout the procedure. However, as there is light-based technology involved that is being used to stop the hair follicles from growing, some people might experience side effects after the procedure.

The most common side effects of laser hair removal treatment are:

Side Effects to Expect

Side Effects to Expect RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

As the laser hair removal works by transmitting heat in the form of light on to the skin, some people can experience discomfort or side effects soon after the procedure, and it varies from person to person. These could include:


Swelling Around Hair Follicles

An immediate impact on the skin after a laser hair removal treatment often experienced is the swelling around the hair follicles after the treatment. This is very common and is often temporary. It usually can last up to three days.


Pigmentation changes

Another common experience after the laser treatment is the change in skin pigmentation. People with lighter skin tones could see visibly darker spots on the skin, whereas people with darker skin tone experience an opposite difference. However, just like the swelling around hair follicles, this is temporary.


Skin Redness and irritation

Laser hair removal treatment can irritate the skin, and you may notice some redness too on the treated area. These are again minor effects on the skin and are quite similar to other hair removal methods, like waxing.


Risk of infection

There is a chance of infection with laser hair removal, and although it is rare, the risk is there. It usually happens in areas that are not adequately cleaned before the treatment or if the person is prone to infections. The most common type of infection from laser hair removal is the folliculitis, which is the inflammation and infection of hair follicles.

Usually, the dermatologists take every precaution to minimize these minor effects too. But if someone still experiences it, these are just temporary and disappear within hours after the procedure if they don’t, please consult your GP or dermatologist immediately.

Severe Side Effects

Laser Hair Treatment Severe Side Effects RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

Laser hair removal can have severe side effects in some cases. The risks are usually higher if you are undergoing treatment with an untrained or uncertified person or if you’re not using the required precautions before the treatment.

These severe side effects could include:

  • There could be a change in skin texture if you have recently tanned because tanning increases the risk.
  • The Skin overheating from the light or direct exposure to sunlight right after the treatment can cause skin blistering and crusting.
  • For people who tend to scar easily, the risk of scarring is high.

Everyone wants a smooth, hair-free skin but nobody wants to put their skin under damage just for getting hair-free skin. It is therefore ideal for getting to know more about your skin and treatment before going for it only because everyone else is. There are safe alternatives to laser hair removal, which are useful and give a permanent result– the IPL laser hair removal treatment.


Risks When Laser Hair Removal is Not Suitable

Risks When Laser Hair Removal is Not Suitable Severe Side Effects RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

Laser hair removal treatment might be an effective way to remove unwanted hair, but it is not for everyone. While laser hair removal suits almost all skin tones and skin types, but it is not well suited for is darker skin tone.

To see if laser treatment is suitable for you or not, there is a numerical table used which has universal recognition, the Fitzpatrick scale. According to this scale, the skin tones are assigned a number based on their response to UV light that ranges from 1 to 6. So, using this scale if you fall in the range 1 to 4, only then the laser treatment is suitable for you.


Apart from skin tone, laser hair removal treatment is not suitable for people with white, grey, or light hair color.

Laser treatment should not be used in certain conditions for hair removal; these include:

  • If you have any chronic skin condition, psoriasis or if your skin is photosensitive consult with your dermatologist.
  • Laser treatment should never be used on tanned skin as there is a high risk of skin blistering
  • Laser treatment is not advised during pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Avoid treating tattooed skin with laser


The listed are only a few of the conditions where laser hair removal is not suitable; the list is not exhaustive.


The best alternative laser treatment and permanent hair removal by avoiding all these risks are using a safe treatment option, which is an at-home IPL hair removal device. These devices come with skin tone sensors, skin precautions, and comprehensive guides to make your hair removal experience comfortable and effective, without any risks and damage.


Choose the Best At-Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Device

RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset    Choose the Best At-Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Device

The trends and technology in the laser hair removal industry are changing, and brands are coming forward with budget-friendly options for hair removal by introducing at-home IPL laser hair removal handsets.  Not only are these devices safe and effective but also easy to use with long-lasting results.

But choosing the best at-home IPL laser hair removal device, it can be quite challenging. But don’t worry, we have picked the best one for you.


The at-home IPL hair removal device that is not only the best but also delivers long-lasting results is The RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset. It is a compact-sized, power-packed device that makes hair removal fast, easy, and long-lasting.  The petite circular design allows a firm grip on the device, making it easy to handle and suitable for an all-over treatment.


This handy device, RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset glides on the skin, making it easier to target the treatment areas and giving effective results. The device stores 400,000 pulses, which means it will last long for years and because it uses IPL technology, it is suitable for ALL hair colors and skin types.


The overall experience with RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset is painless, safe, and lasting removal of unwanted hair. With a one-time investment, this device provides you with the comfort and convenience of removing unwanted hair right at your home.


If you’re looking for permanently removing or reducing unwanted hair, but your budget doesn’t allow expensive professional treatment, then the best choice for you is at-home IPL laser hair removal device. So, why not start with the best one available that actually works. Get smooth, hair-free skin at the comfort of your home, at your convenience, and enjoy your beautiful skin with RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset.

RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset Choose the Best At-Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Device